Access Australia

Regulated, Educated and Open for Business

Historically Australia's relationship with the Middle East region has been primarily economic. Australia has mineral and agricultural riches which have been exported around the world. 

Beyond sheep and grains Australia also offers unique opportunities for partnership and joint development. 

Australia's strong regulation and high rates of education mean that it's companies are able to present and develop high quality assets in the areas of manufacturing, defense, space research, scientific discovery, energy generation, IT, education, health and more. 

Our team has come together to leverage or strong nation wide network to assist our partners in the Middle Eastern region access these opportunities and expertise. 

Our directors, based in Saudi Arabia, South Australia and Victoria (Australia) have experience in international business transactions, investment management, venture capital and property. We are appropriately licensed to engage with Australian businesses and present their capabilities to the MER marketplace. 

Our company exists because we believe that intelligent and forward thinking programs such as Vision 2030 can  incubate exciting new developments as well as transfer of more traditional health and manufacturing capabilities from Australia. 

If our partners in Saudi Arabia or other nations need to find a skill or resource we know we have the network to deliver. 

We can help you find, connect and partner with the best companies in Australia as well as Government and Institutional partners. 

Australia is a strong and reliable friend and welcomes renewed partnerships in the Middle East Region. 

Our partners deliver strong on the ground technical expertise and networks