Access the Middle East

Investment, Expansion, New Ventures

The Middle East Region is a geographical location with a long history of trade, tradition and cultural significant for the worlds major religions. The nations of the Middle East have for generations bought and sold goods and acted as a pathway to Europe, Africa and Asia. As these economies modernize they present a significant opportunity for the astute Australian company. 

These opportunities could include regular export transactions but the more exciting developments are open to manufacturing and technology based business owners who are looking to leverage the fast rates of growth and significant capital available in this region. 

Our connection to Sovereign funds and commercialization grants make it possible for us to present great ideas and great businesses to our partners and to create new opportunities of development for both regions. 

Programs such as the Saudi Arabian Vision 2030 create excitement and the chance to leverage Australia's reputation for quality, safety and professionalism. 

Our team has invested the time it takes to build trusted relationships with key people, to navigate the cultural differences and establish pathways and networks ready to explore new ideas and developments.

Your role as an Australian company is to seize the day. 

Talk to us about your business, about the employment, training and social benefits it could bring to Middle Eastern.

Talk to us about the  benefits you would receive by being closer to  Europe, one of the worlds largest markets as well as two of the next decades highest growth regions - Africa and the Middle East. 

If your business is investment ready, dynamic and would benefit from closer proximity to Europe, Africa and the Middle East we want to hear from you. 


Areas of focus



If your company changes how we think about computers by teaching computers to think then we are keen to hear from you. Our partner venture capital fund may be able to consider onshore investment while we look at international commercialisation and development.  



Our Middle Eastern partners have clear instructions to establish a local manufacturing capability. If your business has development and training capabilities it may suit relocation or expansion funding.  



Critical to economic development is education. Our partners are keen to explore business to business education partners initially and to look at how we work with tertiary educators in the future. Can you help them bridge the gap?


Did you know Australia has the best recovery rate for cancer in the world? If you already knew that and plenty more about Australian health and science you are aware of the need for funding and the benefits of high quality research. We're interested to hear about developments in bio-science, medical technology and other areas of knowledge.  

Our process


Tell us about your company, staff, capabilities and potential in the Middle East


Subject to our team assessment you will be invited to complete a mandate agreement giving us the authority to represent you.


We present your company to our partners and create a plan to extend your operations, attract investment or create trade links.